Hundred Islands: A Hundred and Twenty-four Natural Wonders

Does the number 7 107 tick the geography side of your brain? Yup! It’s the number of islands that make up the Philippine archipelago. And fortunately, I got to see a hundred of them in one day!

Last May 2010, my family and I found a great escape from the hustle and tussle of the urban life. Four-hour land trip from Manila, we finally reached, for the second time, the natural wonders that is Hundred Islands. The waters that glisten like diamonds — turning from emerald green to turquoise as it goes deep, the bright sun that covers the whole island with its sparkling rays, the powdery white sand, and the azure sky gave us a soothing feeling.

I remember when I was in elementary, I would always wonder how these islands and islets scattered in the Lingayen Gulf looked like and why they are considered to be Continue reading

Daragang Magayon: Mother Nature at it’s Pristine Best

When I was a little kid, my mom used to call me “Magayon”. And at an early age, I knew what the word meant but it never occurred to me the real beauty that goes with it. Magayon is a Bicolano word which means beautiful. It is where the name Mayon, the famous perfect cone-shaped volcano, is derived from. And why am I writing about this? Because finally, after many years of hearing the word, I was able to witness the majestic meaning that lies behind it. There I was in the province of Albay standing in front of the “beautiful lady” (daragang magayon) as the legends refer to it. But before I proceed to the experiences that almost took my breath away, let me first share with you the legend of Mayon Volcano that not so many of us know. Just like any other landforms, there were many legends that attempt to portray how this pristine but destructive beauty came to existence.

Here is the legend of Mayon Volcano which I like the most — the Bicolano version of Romeo and Juliet as told by Laura Agpay:

Once there was a princess named Daragang Magayon (Daraga means lady, Magayon is beautiful) who lived in Bicol. She’s so beautiful. She came from the family that reigns over the entire Bicol.

Because of her beauty and influence, warriors, princes and datus from different parts of the country desired to have her as their wife. But Magayon fell in love with Continue reading

Bora with Dora :)

Ever remember a time when you were so excited to have a free-to-do-whatever-you-want getaway with your best buddy? No parents, no oldies, no exact plan, and no….. money! Hahaha! Well, I can still feel the fun and excitement every time I look at the photos of me and my cousin, Marj, the first time we went out-of-town together — just the two crazy us. We usually travel with friends and family so we tried to go backpacking and see where our craziness can take us. Here is our “huling hirit” for summer 2009 right before the school year begins.


It was a four-days-three-nights stay in one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Philippines — Boracay Islands. Most people come in groups, with family, or with their special someone. But me? I visited the place with Continue reading

She said….

I am the kind of person who doesn’t want to give advice. I mean, who am I to tell someone what he should do in his life? Maybe I’m just afraid. What if he did what I told him to do and his life became miserable? Well, I don’t wanna be blamed. So I just listen sympathetically and make the person think from outside the box. I make him realize his options and decide on his own. And yes, whatever happens, my hands are clean. 🙂

Ironically, I was given the advice column back in college. I found one article in the midst of my memorabilia box. It was published August 2005. Thank goodness it’s not a matter of life and death situation.  Here it goes…. Continue reading