Bora with Dora :)

Ever remember a time when you were so excited to have a free-to-do-whatever-you-want getaway with your best buddy? No parents, no oldies, no exact plan, and no….. money! Hahaha! Well, I can still feel the fun and excitement every time I look at the photos of me and my cousin, Marj, the first time we went out-of-town together — just the two crazy us. We usually travel with friends and family so we tried to go backpacking and see where our craziness can take us. Here is our “huling hirit” for summer 2009 right before the school year begins.


It was a four-days-three-nights stay in one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Philippines — Boracay Islands. Most people come in groups, with family, or with their special someone. But me? I visited the place with Continue reading