Hundred Islands: A Hundred and Twenty-four Natural Wonders

Does the number 7 107 tick the geography side of your brain? Yup! It’s the number of islands that make up the Philippine archipelago. And fortunately, I got to see a hundred of them in one day!

Last May 2010, my family and I found a great escape from the hustle and tussle of the urban life. Four-hour land trip from Manila, we finally reached, for the second time, the natural wonders that is Hundred Islands. The waters that glisten like diamonds — turning from emerald green to turquoise as it goes deep, the bright sun that covers the whole island with its sparkling rays, the powdery white sand, and the azure sky gave us a soothing feeling.

I remember when I was in elementary, I would always wonder how these islands and islets scattered in the Lingayen Gulf looked like and why they are considered to be one of the “magagandang tanawin” as the HEKASI books describe it. And when I got the chance to explore at least three of them — Governor’s Island, Children’s Island, and Quezon Island, I knew it is one of the many tourist spots we Filipinos should be proud of!

A hundred and twenty-three at high tide and a hundred and twenty-four at low tide, these islands are believed to be about two million years old! Wow! And you get to have a great view of them in one day! But of course, most of them are still unexplored.

Here are some photos from my island hopping to the tears of a primeval giant who lost his lady love according to certain folklore.

We encountered an American couple who were on their way down and they told my grandparents to take it slowly coz it was like a hundred and twenty steps. But hey, look at their energy when we reached the highest point of the Governor’s Island!

If you are one of those backpackers who vowed to visit all the islands in the Philippines, might as well start your adventure here. After that, you only have 7 007 islands left!


Sincerely Mheg

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