Eternal Slumber



When loneliness fills your heart

And sadness conquers your soul

When all you wanna do is cry

Pain and regret because of sad goodbye



When all you can think about is the past

And all the good times you thought would last

Gallons of tears fall

Memories you cant have once more



When your heart grows numb

and your mind gets weak

you just don’t wanna wake up

staying in your haven is more than enough


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Chocolate Hills: Seem Delicious But Not For Your Sweet Tooth

It was five in the morning. My bag full of food was ready, my extra shirt, pen and paper, and of course a load of excitement! And a few minutes later, my service arrived to pick me up for school. The most awaited day as a grade school kid finally came. The day when learning was not limited to books and classroom, when I got the chance to visit memorable places and hang out with my best buddies in school, and when I was allowed to eat junk food and drink soda. Yes, it was the day of our field trip. With a bunch of other hyperactive kids, I entered the bus and prayed that we arrive safely to our destination —- Nayong Pilipino.

The memories of my childhood came back to me as if they happened just yesterday. When I visited Bohol with my family last September 2010 and saw the famous Chocolate Hills for the first time, the first thing that occurred to me was our field trip at Nayong Pilipino and Continue reading