Perfect Stranger

I was alone

But never was I lonely

Things done on my own

Everyone knows my story. . .


In my haven

Happiness conquers my mind

In nature’s beauty

Paradise is all I see. . .


In magic I never believed

Empty space in my heart there is

Eros is the other half they insist

The one who can make Psyche’s life complete. . .


Out of nowhere came a stranger

A knight so mighty and tender

His mystery induced curiosity

To the heart that beats fast and slowly. . .


A different language he spoke

Far from what I truly hope

Yet he has the key to enter

My heart I thought would be locked forever. . .


Days and months and years passed

Our visions never matched

He has a peculiar path

Yet I keep on my track. . .


Trying to be part of my world

A challenge he still pursue

Can this love transcend the law?

The only stranger that makes my dreams come true. . .

What do you think?

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