the wonderful world of untouched reefs

One of the things I love when I go on a trip is that I get to feel nature.  So when my family and I went to Palawan last December 2011, another adventure thrilled me as I explore the underwater which was referred to as “the mini Tubbataha reef“. As we went from one island to another, one of the boatmen said that Pambato Reef was a newly found tourist spot. It was discovered by a fisherman whose hook got entangled in the reefs.

When the fisherman dived into the water to remove it, he was amazed with what he saw about 20-30 feet below water level. Live corals of different kinds surprised him. Nobody thought there was a wonderful world underwater in that area where boats travel everyday. And so Pambato Reef was discovered. It is a highly suggested tourist spot when you go island hopping in Honda Bay. You can see mushroom corals, barrel sponges, table corals, sea anemones (where nemos lay eggs), giant clams, different fishes, and a lot more!

This is the reason why I love my underwater camera so much! The shots are amateur though but I’ll work on that when I get to learn how to scuba dive. One of my dreams but it’s another story. Hope you like the photos!

Yes… I’m a mermaid.. I can breathe underwater! haha!


Sincerely Mheg

8 thoughts on “the wonderful world of untouched reefs

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  2. Lovely images, Mheg, of a beautiful underwater world! Just a few days ago I had my first ever snorkeling adventure just off of Panglao Island. It was a magical experience. My only regret is that we did not have an underwater camera. Next time! 🙂

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