pop the question

Valentine’s Day is just an ordinary day for me. No red roses. No chocolates. No stuffed animal. No candlelight dinner. It’s okay. No big deal. Ooops! I am not bitter, okay? I’m in love. And it’s not that I am not a romantic person because I am (believe me, I’m romantic! haha!). It’s just that for me when you love someone, you have to make that person feel that he/she is loved and appreciated all the time. Yes, every single moment, making every single day special—not just on February 14. Yeah, I’m too idealistic, I know, but I prefer romantic dates on an ordinary day and I’d rather be given a bouquet of red roses and chocolates when I’m having a bad hair day. I find it more romantic, sweet, and sincere when I least expect it. Most especially when I least deserve it.

And why am I writing about this?

When I checked my phone this morning, most of my messages, if not all, are Valentine’s Day greetings. And I’m thankful a lot of people remember me on this day. Same goes with Facebook and Twitter. People posted about love and how happy they are to have found it and shared it with someone. So I guess despite all the tragic and painful things happening around the world, it still shows “Love is in the air”. It’s a cliche. But what really caught my attention was the Yahoo News about the Olympic swimmer Matt Grevers who proposes to his long-time girlfriend Annie Chandler. Well, her reaction shows what the answer was when he finally popped the question.

Here is the link….
Olympic swimmer proposes to girlfriend on medal stand


And since we’re talking about ‘crazy stupid love‘ here, I thought of sharing this video that made me cry when I first saw it. I don’t know why. I guess I envy the girl! Haha! I’m just fascinated with how crazy a man gets just to prove his love and affection to the girl of his dreams. And the effort he does to make her feel that his life revolves mostly around her.



Yes, women deserve to be loved all the time.










Sincerely Mheg

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