God’s Gift of Life


I have long been on this planet — so long and yet,

it does not seem that long really.


My days and nights have been multicolored with impossible,

hopefully-possible dreams, a few of them vague and amorphous,

but on the whole, quite definable partially.

My months and years have been parked with stress and tensions,

light and deep-seated anxieties,

and host of basic inquietudes reminding me that I am blessed, and alive.


I thank God for the unpredictability,

for it is this that has always kept me hoping,

trusting that in spite of its being precarious,

this business of living is worth all my striving.

My wheel has turned full circle but for the sake of one defenseless,

resource-less little soul —  I could have gone Home…


But here I am, still sitting among others in the Front Row of the Departure Area,

waiting for my name to be called.

I look back on the extended stretch of time;

the joys and tears, the pain of loving,

even the embrace of the Absurd, and definitely,

I have no regrets — only humble thankfulness to God for the Gift of Life.



Pacita Guevara-Fernandez

Professor Emeritus of Literature, DECL

November 27, 2002


This very touching poem was written by my beloved professor, Dr. Pacita Guevara-Fernandez. She read this during one of our English classes with her and then gave us a copy. I wrote in one of my posts about how she made a big difference in my life. She was a mentor, a mother, and a friend to me. No matter how many years passed, it really is true, you never forget a good teacher.


Sincerely Mheg

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