Growing old with only you

More than half a century ago, a strong will-powered man from Antipolo met a sweet vibrant lady from Deparo and they created an extraordinary love story. Years passed, love grew, and dreams came true, they stayed together and made it through.

Fifty-six years of building a family, of sharing a life full of love, with ups and downs, with joys and sorrows… Fifty-six years of facing the trials of life and successfully overcome them… Fifty-six years of receiving and sharing God’s blessings…

Today is my grandparents’ 56th wedding anniversary. I would always remember the date March 15, 1956. The day that started it all. I am so thankful that I have grandparents that take “I do” seriously and I admire them that in spite of all the challenges that life throws them, they remained strong and determined to continue the battle. And so, here I am in this world, blessed with a loving family, following the footsteps of a couple whom I admire with all my heart.

Here is how it all began

Looking back…

Then… and now…

This is my dad Rolando, the eldest among the siblings.

My Uncle Norberto and his family

My Aunt Elma and her family

My Aunt Susan and her family

And my beautiful (and favorite) Aunt Irma, the youngest among them.

Look! From a couple to a big and happy family!

Tatay and Nanay,

Your children and grand children can’t thank you enough for all your sacrifices in bringing us up to what we are today.

It is through you that we are trained to persevere to attain our dreams

Most importantly for teaching us to be God-fearing and not be bothered in seeking material things the world has to offer

Yes, contentment and happiness under the sanctuary of our family’s love

We thank you for sharing with us the 56 best years of your lives…..

We are so proud to be provided with a treasure of inheritance… not the riches of this world, but the true values of love and sharing… We love you so much Tatay Elias and Nanay Maring!


Sincerely Mheg

7 thoughts on “Growing old with only you

  1. In this world where infidelity is very rampant, they give me hope that love can survive and marriage can last a lifetime if two people take “I do” seriously and stay under God’s guidance. Thank you for dropping by, Andy. πŸ™‚

  2. Your family is absolutely beautiful!! Happy anniversary to your precious grandparents! May God bless you and your family more and more in the coming years. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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