Fuerza Bruta: 360° Heart-pounding Theatrical Experience

I heard Fuerza Bruta first on the radio when the RX deejays, Chico and Delamar, were talking about its star-studded premiere which they attended. They said they felt like social climbers since the venue was full of socialites, celebrities, and politicians. Hearing about how different the show was and how the performers involved the audience induced curiosity in my wandering mind. So, I consulted google to find out more about it but still I was not satisfied after watching the preview. The preview actually made me more curious (and confused).

Before watching the show, I had no idea what exactly Fuerza Bruta is. I read about how amazing the concert was but I couldn’t figure in what sense it was great. I was not even sure whether to expect a musical, play, acrobatic, or dance concert. Even the people I talked to about it didn’t know what it is and some even heard it the first time.

Finally, my aunt asked if I wanted to see this once in a lifetime show and I immediately said yes. She bought us five tickets but unfortunately picked the wrong date since the date she accidentally reserved for us happened to be my grandparents’ anniversary celebration out of town. To cut the long and disappointing story short, we were still able to catch Fuerza Bruta on its last day.

We arrived early at the Manila Hotel so we had a few drinks before the show started. Finally, we were led to a dark room not knowing what to expect. I could feel everybody’s excitement. A few minutes later, another door opened and we entered the real venue. Then there was a heart-pounding music and after the long wait my curiosity was satisfied!

A man running full throttle on a giant treadmill, bursting through a series of moving walls

Tumbling performers suspended in mid-air

An energetic and explosive dance performance

Audience are urged to smash things

After the shouting, spinning, dancing, and smashing of things, there was a complete silence. Then all of a sudden we all looked up because there was a seemingly overhead sea with a beautiful mermaid in the middle luring the audience. It was my most favorite part when the dancers started to glide and slide in the overhead pool. And little by little, the glass goes down for the audience to touch.

Cast of Fuerza Bruta

Fuerza Bruta (brute force) is a 360-degree interactive theatrical experience featuring a non-stop collision of dynamic music, visceral emotion, and kinetic aerial imagery.

It was a show like no other! Simple yet very artistic. A mix of theater, aerial stunts and dance party. For me, it was more like a party than a show because it was interactive and the audience kept on moving the whole hour. It was like you are always in the center and all of a sudden the performer was right there beside you. I’ve also experienced some sort of adrenaline rush because the music perfectly matched every move of the performer. A unique show that stunned my senses!

After an hour of experiencing this powerful interactive live event, I figured out what Fuerza Bruta is but for some reason I couldn’t explain it. Unlike any other show or concert, I could talk about it but I couldn’t find the right words to express how I felt. Then it occurred to me why they allow cameras and videos during the performance provided that there was no flash. Because even if you see photos and videos about Fuerza Bruta, it was not enough unless you were right there in the middle of the raging crowd as the worlds collide and the mind-blowing visual effects take you to a different dimension.

Getting wet with the casts after the show

We stayed for a couple of hour for the after party. And yes, the cast were there too having fun with us.

May the Brute Force be with you!!!


Sincerely Me

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