Caliraya Resort: Family Olympics 2012

My grandparents’ wedding anniversary is one of the many important events that our family is always excited about. We have different themes every year. Simple and intimate (which is always the best), formal golden wedding, olympic and sporty, hawaiian party, and pool party.

To celebrate the 56th year of their togetherness, of giving and receiving, of loving and sharing, we thought of having a rematch of last 2007’s olympic getaway which was held in Ecopark. Since Caliraya resort is best known for its recreation and leisure activities, we booked an overnight weekend stay .

“When there’s a wheel, there’s a way”. Taking it literally, this saying was all in our minds while we were looking for the right way going to Caliraya Resort in Laguna. With the use of GPS, my cousin was the one telling my uncle which way to go. Unfortunately, the road that we took was closed and under construction. So we went back and took the rough road instead. The rough road that we avoided turned out to be the path that lead us to our destination. It was like a series  of unfortunate events because the other car got flat tire. You can imagine how irritable, disappointed, and impatient everybody could get but despite all the disasters, laughter still dominated making fun of what was happening. Then the patriarch of the family said: “The troubles we encountered today made us laugh so hard, it was all worth it since money can’t buy laughter and fun.” Yes, we all charged that to experience.

And there we go. After more or less four hours, we were finally able to release the excitement, breathe the fresh air, and spend precious moments with the most important people in our lives.

Here are some captured moments from this very sporty, challenging, and fun-filled anniversary celebration.

We all got excited with the earth ball! Let the challenges begin!

Here goes the boys in their blue shirt.

And the girls wearing pink! Girl power! Go! go! go pink team!

This is the Slide Pinoy. It is like a mini zipline.

This is the first game. Each pair has to catch the water balloon. Every round the girls have to move backward to make it harder for the team to catch or even throw. The team which water balloon popped will be out from the game. Our water balloon popped on the second round 😦

Here goes the obstacle course. It was so much fun because everybody gave his/her best to win as if there would be a huge prize (hmmm.. I love my towel though). My uncle actually got his toe injured.

And of course, the zipline.

The kids were the ones who had fun the most.

This is my most favorite, the mud slide! We got bumps and bruises but it was all worth it.

Oh well, I guess it wasn’t the kids who had fun the most after all. Haha!

And here is the view of Caliraya Resort from the view deck.

To my Tatay Elias and Nanay Maring

Happy 56th Wedding Anniverssary! No words can express how much we appreciate and love you both!

“An ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friendship.”

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