Welcome back to school!

Since the school year already started a week ago, I’d like to welcome everybody back to school. I know it’s a bit late but as most of us feel, I’m still in the process of converting my vacation-mode-mind-and-body to a busy-and-fussy-teacher-mode. I guess the process was complete now. Haha!

Before the classes started, teachers were already reporting to school to prepare their classrooms and everything they needed for the entire school year. I admit, I had a hard time decorating my classroom but big thanks to people to helped me out. As I was adding finishing touches to my bulletin board, I remember a friend of mine who asked me why I even decided to be a teacher when I could get a high paying job and earn money easily. All I said was because my mom wanted me to be one.

It was true though, but as years go by I learned to love what I was doing. It was hard making lesson plans everyday, checking interminable papers, and dealing with different types of people but I eventually accepted that all these are part of the vocation which I vowed to do.

With that in mind, I’d like to greet everybody—students, teachers (including myself), and parents… WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL!


Sincerely Mheg

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