When there’s no more hearts and flowers… Divorce?

My husband is an Accountant, I love him
for his steady nature, and I love the warm feeling when I lean
against his broad shoulders.

Three years of courtship and now, three years into
marriage, I would have to admit, that I am getting tired of it. The
reasons of me loving him before, has now transformed into the cause of all
my restlessness.

I am a sentimental woman and extremely sensitive
when it comes to a relationship and my feelings, I yearn for the
romantic moments, like a little girl yearning for candy. My husband, is my
complete opposite, his lack of sensitivity, and the inability of bringing
romantic moments into our marriage has disheartened me about love. One
day, I finally decided to tell him my decision, that I wanted a divorce.

“Why?” he asked, shocked. Continue reading

between love and waiting…

a beautiful morning
another day of dreaming
the sun, the sky, and the calm sea
take away all the sadness in me…

every little thing adds
to my hopes that you keep up
promises to be fulfilled
happiness we nearly achieve…

hours turn to days
to months and to years Continue reading

Growing old with only you

More than half a century ago, a strong will-powered man from Antipolo met a sweet vibrant lady from Deparo and they created an extraordinary love story. Years passed, love grew, and dreams came true, they stayed together and made it through.

Fifty-six years of building a family, of sharing a life full of love, with ups and downs, with joys and sorrows… Fifty-six years of facing the trials of life and successfully overcome them… Fifty-six years of receiving and sharing God’s blessings…

Today is my grandparents’ 56th wedding anniversary. I would always remember the date March 15, 1956. The day that started it all. I am so thankful that I have grandparents that take “I do” seriously and I admire them that in spite of all the challenges that life throws them, they remained Continue reading

Baguio: Just like 40 years ago…

Of all the wonderful places in the Philippines, Baguio which is also known as the Summer Capital, will always be in the list of summer destinations. Well, who would not want to escape the hot weather in Manila and enjoy ‘little America’ in a matter of six-hour drive?

I have been to Baguio many times. And every time I visit, I enjoy everything the place has to offer. From beautiful tourist spots to chilly climate to delicious food. And of course, the trip would not be complete without a souvenir photo with the famous lion’s head along Kennon Road and the two St. Bernard dogs in Mines View Park! But what really made this trip to the City of Pines special was Continue reading

pop the question

Valentine’s Day is just an ordinary day for me. No red roses. No chocolates. No stuffed animal. No candlelight dinner. It’s okay. No big deal. Ooops! I am not bitter, okay? I’m in love. And it’s not that I am not a romantic person because I am (believe me, I’m romantic! haha!). It’s just that for me when you love someone, you have to make that person feel that he/she is loved and appreciated all the time. Yes, every single moment, making every single day special—not just on February 14. Yeah, I’m too idealistic, I know, but I prefer romantic dates on an ordinary day and I’d rather be given a bouquet of red roses and chocolates when I’m having a bad hair day. I find it more romantic, sweet, and sincere when I least expect it. Most especially when I least deserve it.

And why am I writing about this? Continue reading