Welcome back to school!

Since the school year already started a week ago, I’d like to welcome everybody back to school. I know it’s a bit late but as most of us feel, I’m still in the process of converting my vacation-mode-mind-and-body to a busy-and-fussy-teacher-mode. I guess the process was complete now. Haha!

Before the classes started, teachers were already reporting to school to prepare their classrooms and everything they needed for the entire school year. I admit, I had a hard time decorating my classroom but big thanks to people to helped me out. As I was adding finishing touches to my bulletin board, Continue reading

Technology: Stumbling block or Stepping stone?

Social media, online games, internet, cellphone, and gadgets are some factors that parents, even teachers, blame for children’s poor performance in school. They say most of their kids’ time are spent playing online games in front of the computer rather than burning the midnight oil to get high grades. The previous generation would argue about how competent and intellectual they were during their time, back when there was no “distraction” to their studies. In others words, technology is viewed as a stumbling block causing children to be irrational and incompetent. But, is it really?

A few days ago, I attended a training about how to use the IWB or Interactive White Board. It was a huge touchscreen white board that serves as the modern blackboard. With the help of LCD projector, computer, and Active Inspire program, the speaker showed us how to Continue reading

God’s Gift of Life


I have long been on this planet — so long and yet,

it does not seem that long really.


My days and nights have been multicolored with impossible,

hopefully-possible dreams, a few of them vague and amorphous,

but on the whole, quite definable partially.

My months and years have been parked with stress and tensions,

light and deep-seated anxieties,

and host of basic inquietudes reminding me that I am blessed, and alive.


I thank God for the unpredictability, Continue reading

The Idiocy of the English Language

and if the plural of mouse is mice.. and louse is lice.. what’s the plural of house? =D


If you are at all acquainted with the English language, you may have noticed some common sayings and words in there that are really silly, once you come to think of it. For example, why is it called a boxing ring when it is actually a square? Why is the load of the ship referred to as cargo, but when a truck carries a load on land, that is referred to as shipping? Actors recite a play for an audience, but then they play at a recital. See? It doesn’t make sense! But that is English, unfortunately. That is also one of the reasons why English is such a hard language to speak fluently – incorporating all its nuances. Ask me – I’ve been there. There are so many things you simply have to know.

If you want to read more about the silliness of English, there is this…

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She said….

I am the kind of person who doesn’t want to give advice. I mean, who am I to tell someone what he should do in his life? Maybe I’m just afraid. What if he did what I told him to do and his life became miserable? Well, I don’t wanna be blamed. So I just listen sympathetically and make the person think from outside the box. I make him realize his options and decide on his own. And yes, whatever happens, my hands are clean. 🙂

Ironically, I was given the advice column back in college. I found one article in the midst of my memorabilia box. It was published August 2005. Thank goodness it’s not a matter of life and death situation.  Here it goes…. Continue reading