Fuerza Bruta: 360° Heart-pounding Theatrical Experience

I heard Fuerza Bruta first on the radio when the RX deejays, Chico and Delamar, were talking about its star-studded premiere which they attended. They said they felt like social climbers since the venue was full of socialites, celebrities, and politicians. Hearing about how different the show was and how the performers involved the audience induced curiosity in my wandering mind. So, I consulted google to find out more about it but still I was not satisfied after watching the preview. The preview actually made me more curious (and confused).

Before watching the show, I had no idea what exactly Fuerza Bruta is. I read about how amazing the concert was but I couldn’t figure in what sense it was great. I was not even sure whether to expect a musical, play, acrobatic, or dance concert. Even the people I talked to about it didn’t know Continue reading