Welcome back to school!

Since the school year already started a week ago, I’d like to welcome everybody back to school. I know it’s a bit late but as most of us feel, I’m still in the process of converting my vacation-mode-mind-and-body to a busy-and-fussy-teacher-mode. I guess the process was complete now. Haha!

Before the classes started, teachers were already reporting to school to prepare their classrooms and everything they needed for the entire school year. I admit, I had a hard time decorating my classroom but big thanks to people to helped me out. As I was adding finishing touches to my bulletin board, Continue reading

From Learner to Teacher

It feels good to reminisce the time when you were still in the fantasy stage—full of ideals, enthusiasm, and passion. I wrote this essay before I graduate college. Again, sorry if it’s just another rotten piece of work.


It was the 15th day of November. I woke up very early for I was excited to go to my cooperating school. It was the first time that I met my students.

When I went to Marikina Science High School, early this morning, I went directly to the Principal’s Office to meet Ms. Gazzingan, the Assistant Principal. She oriented me and my classmates about the things that we should be doing for the whole semester. She told us who our cooperating teachers would be, the year level that we are going to handle, and the schedule of our classes. As she was speaking, my heart was beating very fast. I was not really comfortable with what I was feeling in front of her. Probably because of the way she speaks and the tone of her voice.

“This is one thing that you should remember,” she said, Continue reading