pop the question

Valentine’s Day is just an ordinary day for me. No red roses. No chocolates. No stuffed animal. No candlelight dinner. It’s okay. No big deal. Ooops! I am not bitter, okay? I’m in love. And it’s not that I am not a romantic person because I am (believe me, I’m romantic! haha!). It’s just that for me when you love someone, you have to make that person feel that he/she is loved and appreciated all the time. Yes, every single moment, making every single day special—not just on February 14. Yeah, I’m too idealistic, I know, but I prefer romantic dates on an ordinary day and I’d rather be given a bouquet of red roses and chocolates when I’m having a bad hair day. I find it more romantic, sweet, and sincere when I least expect it. Most especially when I least deserve it.

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